Blank Scotch Betamax Videocassette

Betamax Tape
The war between VHS and Betamax for home video cassette recorder dominance was fierce and bloody. Though Sony’s Beta format offered superior picture quality, eventually price, recording length and, according to urban legands, the availability of porn weighed heavily in VHS’s eventual victory. Pictured here, is a remnant from that battle: a blank Betamax tape, still sealed, never used, never loved.

Why would I buy such a thing when not only have I never owned a Betamax deck, I hardly even use a VHS VCR anymore either? It was cheap enough and I figured it would be a great conversation piece for what would undoubtedly become the saddest conversation ever. Also, there are coupons inside for Paramount home videos… though I realize now that offered expired on February 28, 1985.

Price Paid: $0.99
Where: Unique Thrift Store


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